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new breed

How we started

New Breed Stunt Parts was founded by Stunt riders for all motorcyclist looking to protect their investment, when there was only limited equipment in the stunt riding industry offering performance products for the most extreme repetitious conditions, we designed the only crash cage in the world proven with the ability to absorb 2200lbs of impact! 

Why New Breed?


 Quality stunt parts are what keep you stunting longer, our cages are made to stand up to anything you can throw at them, tested and proven through the most extreme tests. More Leaning capabilities, less weight allows your bike to feel as nimble as it did without a cage. All our cages offer more leg room than any other crash cage cage or your money back!


“Ordered a cage for my 06 GSXR600 and if it weren't for my cage I would have had to replace $1500 in damages when I crashed.”

“My New Breed IRX4 cage absorbs every hard impact I throw at my Kawasaki 636.”

“Quick reliable service, ive never had a cage order delivery soo quick.”

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